As a child who grew up in poverty, I know how it feels to be poor. I aspire to help break the cycle of poverty by getting an education in the United States so that I can become an effective leader in my own country Cambodia.

My goal is to earn an Associate Degree at Montgomery College in Silver spring, MD. I plan to major in International Studies. To graduate in 2019, I need to raise $58,000. So far, I have reached the fundraising goals for my first three semesters at Montgomery College and I am now fundraising for the Fall 2019 semester.

Kindly note that I am also contributing %50 of my work study earning for a total of $12,897 through December 23, 2018.

Please read my story and college plan and donate to help me make my dream come true.

Thank you for your interest and support.



Journal #4 in Political Ideologies Course.

Feminism is my favorite topic in this class. The history of feminism fascinates me because I am one of the many Cambodian women who grew up following the strict cultural rules that expected women to be proper and submissive in our male-lead society. In the book, “Political Ideologies,” the author, Andrew Heywood wrote that

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27th Birthday!

My number one birthday wish this year is for myself to stay mentally and physically healthy, so that I can continue my exciting, yet challenging life journey in America, the land of opportunities. I thank my ancestors, the spirits of my father, brother and God Buddha for keeping me and my family in a

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Let’s talk about Loneliness and Depression

I cried last night. I cried because I felt the pain that my friend had. The feeling might not be exactly the same as she felt, but trust me, I could relate to it.
Have you ever felt lonely? confused about your life, not knowing what to do or where to go? I am sure

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