Happy New Year 2017,

Dear Friends,

As the end of 2016 approaches, I wanted to personally let you know how much I appreciate all the support and encouragement you have given me.  To all the generous persons who contributed through my website, you made my first fundraising program a total success: we raised over $11,600, well above my $10,000 goal that a few months ago was only a dream.  These funds and the generous additional donations I received from my Boston area sponsors have made it possible to pay for all the costs of my Intensive English Language program at LADO (tuition, books, test fees, transportation allowance and health insurance), the tuition and fees for my first semester at Montgomery College, my health insurance renewal costs and my transportation and yoga class allowances.  And still, I have about $2,000 left over as your contributions to the costs of my second semester at Montgomery College,

Thank you all truly from the bottom of my heart. I feel that I have been so blessed.

I have now updated my fundraising goals for donations from my website from $10,000 to $20,000.  In this way my website campaign will cover the costs of my education program through my second semester of studies at Montgomery College.  I hope that with your continued support, we will be able to achieve this goal by the end of May, 2017 when my first semester ends.

I will also contribute half of any earnings I can legally earn as a foreign student on a F-1 visa towards this fundraising goal.  I am hopeful that acting together in solidarity we will achieve this ambitious goal.

With my best wishes for a Happy New Year to each and everyone one of you.  May your dreams and wishes for 2017 come true.



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