First snow

I was so excited with the first snow fall in the US. Of course, I’ve been to Europe many times for the tour but I had never seen the snow falling from the sky. Yesterday was the first snow fall in DC; I was thrilled and couldn’t keep myself from running outside and dancing in the snow. It was so beautiful, lying on the ground in the white and soft snow. The weather was about -7C and felt like -13C. The cold didn’t bother me. Almost shirtless, I danced in the snow with my imagination along with my body moving and having so much fun. My Facebook friends who saw the photos that I posted on Facebook reacted to them with funny sticker, love sticker and wow! sticker. Some said I am crazy. I replied to them that ‘’ It is better to do things that few people do’’. This is the good spirit that I always keep in mind; ‘’Walk the road that few people travel, do things that few people do, and don’t be afraid to be different because being different make you unique.’’

Now that I have had so much fun with my first snow, my brain is refreshed and I now need to focus on math. I’m preparing to do my best for the math placement test at MC this Friday.

I hope you will enjoy seeing my pictures and watching my videos. Stay warm.


Phounam in Snow 1:
Phounam in Snow 2:

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