I told a lie to day!

I told a lie today!

I lied to a guy who sat next to me when I took the train back home. Because I didn’t want to sit next to him, so I lied to him that I had to get off the train at the next stop. I jumped out from that car where he was and hopped into another car.

The story began when I was on my way back home from the temple, while I was waiting for the metro; I met a Spanish guy who looked very tired from a long day working as a contractor. He approached me and asked for direction for the train. Hearing his voice I knew immediately that he was not a native English speaker. Trying to be helpful, I answered him nicely ” Yes, you’re on the right platform.”  A few minutes later the train arrived and we went into the train with the same purpose of going home. He sat next to me and started to tell me about his long day at work and a little bit of his background. He finally asked where I came from. I politely replied that I was a student from Cambodia. He smiled at me, a big smile and told me that I was very beautiful. I thanked him and I asked him if he had had a drink after work. Unhesitatingly, he replied; ” Yes, yes I did have a small party with my friends before I came to the metro station. How do you know?” I simply answered; ” I know because of the smell of your shirt and your breath.” He looked a little bit embarrassed and said sorry.

Then I lied to him saying that I had to get off at the next stop. He thanked me for being nice to him and helpful. He wished me a good night and invited me to come to his party next weekend. I took a deep breath, I thanked him and I simply said; ”I don’t think we should meet again.” As soon as the door opened, I jumped out of the train and hopped into the next car. Honestly, I do not discriminate against people who drink.

People choose to drink alcohol for many reasons. Some people feel happy when they drink and they forget all the problems that they’re facing in life. Others choose to drink alcohol because they feel powerless and cannot find the meaning for life. No matter what reason they have for an excuse to drink alcohol, from my personal experience, neither one of these reasons is a good solution to solve their problems. I had enough experiences in my childhood with my drunken father. I am not sure why he did all those things that he had done to our family, but I am sure that there was something that he couldn’t explain.

Now back to the man in the train, I didn’t hate him. I think he was a good guy; however, I just couldn’t bear the smell of alcohol. I think it is better to make new friends while he or she is sober.




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