Unexpected Result


Academic writing is so difficult. There are so many rules that students need to follow in order to get a good grade. Sometime I feel stuck when I have to write my first draft paragraph in class. I sometime stare at the computer for 10 minutes without knowing what to write. I panic at the last 15 minutes before I submit my writing. This is a real challenge. I feel more stressed than I have to create a new show. However, I did my first draft and handed in my final draft last week. I was unsettled over the weekend because I wanted to know about my grade. I was sure that it wouldn’t be a surprise for me to get an average grade. But I got a surprise in class. When I arrived in the classroom, my professor handed out my writing to all the students in the room. She did not say anything about it except asking them to read and compare the first draft to the final edited. Of course my classmates did not know that the paragraph was mine since the professor changed my name to her name. I started to feel uncomfortable because I was not sure why my writing was chosen as an example for a class discussion. Two reasons in my mind were maybe my writing was the best one or the worse. The professor projected my papers on the whiteboard and started to give her feedback on the paragraph. She said that the paragraph was well written and addressed all the suggestions that she made on the first draft. She was satisfied with the progress that the author made on the final draft and she finished the discussion by saying that at least someone had followed her commands; and tried the best to follow the rules of Academic Writing. I was complimented by all the commands from my professor and my classmates. I was impressed by my unexpected result in the same way as I shot a balloon at the first hit on stage without rehearsing. Even though I did not get an A, I was happy with the result. Thanked myself for being motivated with my studies. It was a good Tuesday.

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