Beautiful day at the school,

9:50am! Here comes, the one and only professor for Spoken American Language class. Dragging her bag across the hall to the classroom, she is bringing the graded papers for her students. She is a beautiful elderly professor who is originally from Brazil. She is energetic, caring and loving. She rarely disappoints her students unless they don’t come to class. As usual, she comes into the classroom, puts her bags on the floor, greets her students and hands out the graded papers. What’s funny about her is that she always tries not to speak “hangout” English in the classroom, yet from time to time she forgets and those hangout words fly out of her mouth. She asks firmly, “are you guys ready for a grammar quiz?” Everyone gives her a surprised look and says, “WHAT…q..u..i..z..?” She immediately steps back and says, “Come on guys, don’t look at me like I’m from Mars!.” Ha-ha…..! OMG, she is so funny! I wish you were in my classroom so you could see why I think she is funny. Anyway. The whole class bursts out laughing as we hear her response. And yeah! We take her surprise quiz. 😅

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