The world is full of mysteries. You may make plans for your life but you will not be able to control the unexpected events that can either tear you apart or bring you to joy. These unpredictable events come very often. Sometimes they come one at the time and sometimes they come as a group. At this time, in this very moment, so many people are doing different things for different purposes. Some are on their way to work; some are still in bed and some probably are having wonderful sex with their loved one. On the other side of the world, so many people are starving, working hard, losing their loved one or even striving to live a better life with little hope. No matters what you do, what your purpose is or what situation your life is in right now, at this time, please be focused and embrace the moment. If you are facing a terrible moment in your life, I send you courage, strength and support. May love erase your pains and may strength keep you motivated to carry on living. I congratulate you if you are in a happy moment, in a moment when your life is on the road that you’ve planned for. May you be healthy and continue to live a joyful life. Even though life is short, it is still wonderful. Live your life, live in the moment and be free to live the life you believe is worth living.

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