27th Birthday!

My number one birthday wish this year is for myself to stay mentally and physically healthy, so that I can continue my exciting, yet challenging life journey in America, the land of opportunities. I thank my ancestors, the spirits of my father, brother and God Buddha for keeping me and my family in a safe place, I sincerely thanks them for giving us courage when we feel hopeless and I appreciate them for sending generous people/friends into my life. I greatly appreciate the friendships and the love that my host family and their two children have shared with me. My heart is filled with love.


In Cambodia, my family have been working hard to lift themselves out of poverty. We are not rich, but we are not extremely poor like we were 15 years ago. My dream is to break the circle of poverty in my family. I want to see my nephews and niece stay in school. I want to see them play in the playground, enjoy their childhood, which my siblings and I did not have a chance to experience because we had to work and worried about food.

I am one of the luckiest persons in this world. I have flown high and dreamt on more than my sisters could. I know that “luck” is one part. I would not be at this point in life without all the hard work and all the supports from family, friends and those who have invested in me. I rocked my 26! I kept my name in the Dean’s List and got into the Renaissance Scholarship Program. Like my host family, Kunthary wrote on her Facebook, “the young lady from Phum Anhchanh, Battambnag.” Yes, I was one of the poor girls in my village. Today, I am living in America, going to an American College and pursuing my dreams.

One day after my 27th birthday at the rooftop of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

I can’t wait to discover the exciting and the challenges that will come in my 27!


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