Death: A Story!! 

Winter 2021, Northampton, Ma

Walking alone on a cold day in the New England weather, she is thinking about death. Death is the only thing that is definite to everyone. It certainly never changes; no matter who you are or how much wealth you own, you can’t avoid death. Everyone will die; no one will live forever. But she wonders how does one feels when one faces death? How does one feel when one witness the person one loves confronting death? She can only assume that one must be scared. She has never been close to her own death, but she sees it in her mother’s eyes. She sees fear and feels her pain; she feels as if she could hear the voice coming out from her mother’s soul, begging death not to come so soon. At the same time, she also feels an unspoken conversation between her and her mother through the phone screen when their eyes meet: “It’s OK, my child, I am ready to go whenever the time comes.” 

Walking alone on a cold day in the New England weather, she prays to her ancestors, asking them to give her the strength to keep on walking when the time comes. A rush of cold air touches her chest; she knows that her ancestors heard her prayer, and they responded: “This hard time too, will pass, my child.”

The end. 

One thought on “Death: A Story!! 

  1. Phouuam, It is said the degree of grief is a direct measure of how much you loved. You loved her immensely and you are here legacy. It of course makes it so much more difficult not to be home and with her when she passed. I know that. But your Mother was so proud of what you are doing and have accomplished. I am glad that I got an opportunity to visit with her a few years ago and know her. I can see her sitting by the food cart working with your sister at PPS.
    I am sorry I will not be in Boston when you visit. LovePaul

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