Dear Friends and Donors,

I am trilled to announce that we have met our fundraising goal to support my college education at Montgomery College. With the salary donation I am planing to make in April and May, we will have sufficient funds to pay for my education costs through December 2019 when I plan to graduate with an Associate Degree.

A really deep felt thank you to each and everyone of you for helping me reach this important goal. Without you I could have never done it.

I am still hoping to complete a Bachelor Degree at a U.S. college. However, at present, I have not yet applied to transfer to a 4-years college nor have I been accepted. When this happens, I am hoping to be able to count on your continued support to help me reach my education dream of a Bachelor Degree.

I am therefore keeping this page open, but am suspending donations until my future plans are firmed up. I will of course be keeping you updated.

Thank you again for your generosity in making my dream come true.