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Where is home?

I sit across
the table from Asa at Nando’s in Dupont Circle and said, “I can’t believe I
am back. Three weeks at home feels like a dream.” The word “home” referred
to my homeland, Cambodia. I visited “home” for the first time after
living in America for 3 years and 1 month. To be exact I stayed

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Epistemology of the Body Essay

Note: This is the first essay that I got 100/100 for Women’s and Gender Studies course in this Spring semester.

At the very beginning of the instruction for this essay, I am asked to “Start with a “DESCRIPTION”” of my physical body. At first, I thought that it should not be too difficult to find words

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Journal #4 in Political Ideologies Course.

Feminism is my favorite topic in this class. The history of feminism fascinates me because I am one of the many Cambodian women who grew up following the strict cultural rules that expected women to be proper and submissive in our male-lead society. In the book, “Political Ideologies,” the author, Andrew Heywood wrote that

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