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A College Student in 2020

Most nights I dream about my artist life. Something always goes wrong in those dreams, either the light did not turn on stage, my teammates were late, or I missed my cue. Last night my artist life came back in the dream. This time I was ready for my cue, but my teammates decided

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Thoughts For a New Year and a New Decade!

As the new decade begins, I find myself wondering if the world is going insane. In 2019, the Amazon forest was on fire and at the beginning of 2020, Australia is on fire. Iranians are mad at Trump and it seems like WWIII is becoming a possibility. To me global warming is clearly a

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Where is home?

I sit across
the table from Asa at Nando’s in Dupont Circle and said, “I can’t believe I
am back. Three weeks at home feels like a dream.” The word “home” referred
to my homeland, Cambodia. I visited “home” for the first time after
living in America for 3 years and 1 month. To be exact I stayed

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