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Return To In-Person Classes With A Mask On

On Tuesday, August 31st, I called Edmond while walking back from Smith’s Welcome Back Orientation to my rented apartment. I said over the phone “I feel very exhausted to be surrounded by so many people.”

I still vividly remember the last time I sat in a normal classroom. It was in March 2020, my last semester

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A Story: “Deal with it”

You’re turning 30 in less than a month. You’re thinking about getting a tattoo, the one you have always wanted for a while. You had asked a friend to design one for you. You told her that it was the last memory you have of being with your brother before he died. That last time

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My mother’s thoughts on death and the afterlife,

I video called my mother tonight through Facebook Messenger. My mom’s health condition has been declining for the past two years, and it is getting worse every day. I cannot imagine all the physical pain that she is going through each day. She spends almost all her days in bed and on a wheelchair. My

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