Testimonial: Bernice Schneider

Bernice SchneiderBernice Schneider, Editor: Angkor’s Children. (Click here for bio)

I had the good fortune to be introduced to Phounam Pin, first, in 2013 through my work as the editor of the film Angkor’s Children, and then in person in 2014 when she traveled to Boston.

As the editor of Angkor’s Children, I had the luxury of pouring over the many hours of footage of Phounam that had been shot during the making of the film.   I was immediately struck by her passion, kindness and dedication both to her family, colleagues, and to her art.  Phounam was impressive even before I met her.

As an artist she is truly inspiring, and her clear-eyed ambition to improve her own circumstances and those of her family despite incredible personal and financial hardships often left me in tears in the edit room.  Despite facing myriad difficulties and overwhelming challenges, she has managed always to look ahead and to focus on her goals.   I had the opportunity to spend some time with Phounam while she was in Boston, and she is even more impressive and lovelier than I could have imagined.

I thoroughly support her dream to be educated in America and to become an even stronger role model for young men and women in Cambodia and around the world.