Testimonial: Dara Huot

Dara HuotDara Huot, CEO, Phare, the Cambodian Circus (Click here for bio)

Phounam is a confident young Cambodian dreamer. She has traveled and seen the world out there with Phare and she dares to dream big for herself, her family and Cambodia.  She is a role model for all the artists and students at Phare Ponleu Selpak Association (Brightness of the Arts) and also for all Cambodian girls and boys.  She is the living example of a strong human spirit overcoming life’s adversity through commitment, resilience, hard work and the spirit of just “I can”.
Phounam did not let the challenges of having no time or money to study stop her from life-long learning. No matter how hectic her schedule was, being a performer, she managed to gain good skills in English and French, as well as passing her high school exam and attending 2 years of college in Cambodia.
Phounam’s story will continue to inspire all our students at Phare and other young Cambodians to dream.  I am privileged to get to know her and be a supporter. Your support will result in a young Cambodian leader who will impact many Cambodians’ lives.