Testimonial: Raza Sughra MD, FACR

Sughra Raza M.D.Raza Sughra, MD, FACR. Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School. (Click here for Bio)

.Long before Lauren Shaw’s film Angkor’s Children screened, I heard both Lauren and Paul Feinberg raving about a phenomenal young circus artist named Phounam whom they had met in Battambang. She was energetic, committed, resilient and gifted! I was fortunate enough to meet Phounam when she came to Boston for the premier of Angkor’s Children, and saw for myself the power packed within this petite and charming woman, whose life experiences had matured her beyond her years.
A natural born leader, Phounam is keen to get an excellent education in the US to prepare her for important work she plans to do in her own community and possibly on a larger scale back in Cambodia. There is no doubt in my mind that she will pursue her education with the determination and hard work that has defined her life. I believe she will succeed in her journey and  am excited  to help her realize her dreams. I hope you too will be inspired to lend a hand!