Lauren Shaw

“Her charisma extends beyond the performer on the stage, and her magnetism, tenacity, and ambition are apparent from the moment you meet her. Her dream is to complete a college education in the United States so that she can use her education toward becoming a leader in her country when she returns to Cambodia.” (Click for full testimonial). Lauren Shaw, Professor, Emerson College, Visual and Media Arts. (Click for bio).


“I consider my meeting Phounam to be one of the most fortunate and enriching experiences of my life. If we had more women like Phounam in the world, it would be a better place to live.” (Click for full testimonial). Paul Feinberg, Great Pond Productions, Inc.

Dara Huot

“She is the living example of a strong human spirit overcoming life’s adversity through commitment, resilience, hard work, and the spirit of just “I can.” (Click for full testimonial). Dara Huot, CEO, Phare, the Cambodian Circus (Click for bio)


“Recently, I became her official sponsor for her program of studies in the US. Given the trauma in her background, my husband and I are committed to providing her a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for her studies.” (Click for full testimonial). Kunthary de Gaiffier, Retired World Bank Staff.

Edmond Degaiffier

“Like so many of us who have come to know her, you will be left with the comforting and exhilarating feeling of being in the presence of a future leader of Cambodia, of a young person who also embodies the hope of Cambodia’s rising generation for a renaissance of the arts and culture in the context of justice and economic well-being for all.” (Click for full testimonial). Edmond Degaiffier,  Retired Psychotherapist and World Bank Staff. (Click for bio)

Bernice Schneider

“Despite facing myriad difficulties and overwhelming challenges, she has managed always to look ahead and to focus on her goals….I thoroughly support her dream to be educated in America and to become an even stronger role model for young men and women in Cambodia and around the world.” (Click for full testimonial). Bernice Schneider, Editor: Angkor’s Children. (Click for bio)

Sughra Raza M.D.

“A natural born leader, Phounam is keen to get an excellent education in the US to prepare her for important work she plans to do in her own community and possibly on a larger scale back in Cambodia.” (Click for full testimonial). Raza Sughra, MD, FACR. Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School. (Click for Bio)


“She is in all aspects an exceptional representative of an exciting new and fresh generation ready to change the image of Cambodia through education and the arts.” (Click for full testimonial). Mimi Edmunds, Film Producer and Adjunct Journalism Faculty, Emerson College. (Click for Bio)